Cadet Sanchit Arora B.Tech, MANET

I, Cadet Sanchit Arora student of MANET would like to share my opinion about the MIT GROUP OF INSTITUTE which is one of the most upcoming institute giving a good opportunities to student in different fields to enhance the ability in respective professions.

After being a part of mit group of institute i got a honour and a step towards excellence .Being a part of MANET plays a very important role in my life ,it has given me a way to a different professional field which gives an opportunity to respect our nation with full pride and honour .

MANET provides a good living standards ,nice infrastucture ,well qualified faculty members which are very helping in all the ways .We have a SHIP IN CAMPUS which gives us a practical knowledge to enhance our confidence to perform on board ship .

I am very thankfull to u all for making me a part of MIT GROUP.


Cadet Rakesh Kumar B.Tech, MANET

I cadet Rakesh Kumar of MANET would like to share my opinion about MIT group of institution which is one of upcoming intitution of india. MIT provides a great platform to learn, educate and train our self to become a good professional in different feilds wheather it is merchant navy, food technology, design and many such other courses. Being a part of MIT group i got a oppurtunity to learn and enhance my knowldge towards excellence. MANET plays a very important role in devloping me, our collage not only focus on academics but also on overa all devlopment of a cadet to become a good merchant officer. Each class is equiped with all the mordern aids which are usefull for teaching. Our collage have very qualified professors who giude us by teaching with books as well as with all the mordern equipment. our collage also have ship in campus which help all the cadet to learn the practical knowldge and a stimulator which help cadets to practise and become a good professional. Along with a good and qualified team of teachers MANET provided us with very experienced team of physical training instructors. The sports facility of the collage is also very good. The two courses runninig in the collage Bsc. Nautical Science and Btech Marine Engg in our collage MANET is continuously providing good cadets to the marine industry and help cadets to get job in good companies in which our placement cell assists us. It is a great honour to be a part of MANET as well as MIT group.

Cadet Sandeep Singh B.Tech, MANET

I cadet Sndeep singh student of MANET , Pune would like to share my opinion about the MIT group of Institutions , one of the most rising institutes of India providing dedicated , ambitious ,and skilled professionals in different in different professions whether its in a field of Engineering , medicine ,Research , management , design , primary and secondary education and also towards promoting human values the ultimate goal. Being a part Of MIT groups of institutions I got an honour and aspiring step towards excellence . MANET plays an important role in my success .

There are world class facilities being provided by MANET whether its in academics , sports ,residential with well qualified faculty memebers and teaching staff with advance teachings aids. MANET has a ship in campus with equiped machines which provides us not only theoretical but also practical knowledge about what is merchant navy . MANET serves two professional courses four years BTech Marine engineering and three years degree Bsc Nautical science to serve on board ship with full pride and honour to represent our nation India.

The placement cell at MANET assists and support the cadet in getting jobs in reputed shipping companies . I am very thankful to MIT groups of Institution giving an opportunity and inspiring youth in different professional fields .

Cadet Subhasish Paul B.Tech, MANET

I, Cadet Subhasish Paul of MANET would like to share some of opinion about MIT group of institution which is one of the most successful education unit in India. Being a part of MIT group of institute, I feel very lucky because though MIT only I got an opportunity to step into one of my most desired professional field, i.e. merchant navy.

One of the marine collage of MIT is MANET. MANET is one of the collage which helped me to carry on with my Carrier. With its amazing college campus and excellent infrastructure, I consider MANET as a gift to me From MIT Group of Institution. It gave me an excellent opportunity to represent myself with pride in an International market. With a plenty of facility like SHIP In CAMPUS, workshops, Well Furnished Laboratories and Technologically advanced classes and a good living standard helped me all way to make myself confident and strong enough to stand in this Field. This collage helps to build a Cadet to be morally and physically fit. Best thing I liked the most is that here we are given practical knowledge so that we can tackle all the challenges and that we will face On board ship. Faculty members are very knowledgeable and very experienced who provides us very practical teachings.

I am very thankful to you for making me a part of this institution.