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  • Engineering Research
  • Research In Management
  • Research in Medical and health sciences
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  • Incubation


Word 'Research' itself means re-search; searching and re-examining with an intent to explore the untouched potentials of a specific stream. It is the pursuit of novelty with the help of study that includes observation, comparison, experiment, collecting and analyzing facts or data, and reaching desired conclusions either in the form of solution(s) towards the concerned problem or in certain generalizations for some theoretical modeling/ formulation.

At MIT Group of Institutions Research facilitates our students and faculties to pursue their career after post-graduation and those who are willing to remain in the field of academics. Apart from that MIT Group has taken initiative to take active part in the Research cell which is known as MIT Technology Business Incubation (MIT-TBI) which conducts sponsored and non-sponsored projects for Governmental and non-governmental organization.

MMITTBI was established in 2014 under the valuable guidance of Prof. Dr. Mangesh T. Karad and in Association with Chief Coordinator Mr. Manish Patil and Dr. Milind Pande.

Research and Development Activities

  • Organizing guest lectures by eminent researchers from the industry, academics at regular intervals.
  • Deputing faculty members for higher studies and collaborative research to National and International Institutes.
  • Extending Opportunities to final year students doing their projects to participate in various projects funded and sponsored by the various apex bodies and organizations like UGC, CSIR, ICSSR, DRDO and SPPU.
  • Our faculty members are actively involved in various R & D activities like writing research proposals for submission to SPPU, DST, AICTE, IBM, DBT, UGC, etc. publishing research papers in peer reviewed research journals,. Presenting research papers in National and International conferences, delivering talks in Workshops and Conferences, Organizing National Conferences, STTP's and Workshops for faculty.
  • Organizing paper presentation contest for students at national level.
  • Organizing various extra and co-curricular activities for students and faculty members from time to time.
  • Many faculty members have collaboration and MOU with national and International R & D organizations and industry.

Paper Publication

  • Active Research Cell at MIT Group of Institutions entertains students as well as faculties to Write good research papers and submit them to the peer reviewed journals for possible publication.
  • Institution takes care of faculty to get sanctioned budget from University of Pune, various govt. bodies as well as research funding Institutions as publication charges of his / her research papers.
  • Get approved research proposals so that a part of the publication charges of researches papers can be covered.
  • Announcement of various conferences and Paper Publication.
  • Organizing paper presentation contest for students at national level or inter- institution level.


Receiving patent of one's research work is one of the most important and influential factor to judge the quality of research. Those who are willing to register their research work for patent(s) in they will be given financial assistance by the institute.

PHD Programs Offered

To facilitate all the Research and Development (R&D) activities at MIT Group of institutions, amongst the students and faculty members in line with industry, the R & D cell is functional and is being steered by the Principal, Dean (R & D) of the various streams and active representatives from each department. All these programs are Savitribai Phule Pune University Affiliated and NBA, AICTE approved.

Phd Programs Offered in MIT Group of Institution available in Various Streams :

  • Engineering and technology
  • Management
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy

Research Lab

Motorola center for excellence Research Labs

Critical to enabling uninterrupted access to information and entertainment anywhere, anytime and on any device requires research and development of wireless access technologies. Research area includes microwave technologies, spectrum engineering, seamless radio access, transceiver integration, simulation labs for design and validate network.

Communications Systems Research

The Communications Systems Research Lab conducts applied research, including proof-of-concept prototypes, in the areas of adaptive antenna algorithms, adaptive signal processing, error-control coding, multicarrier modulation, receiver algorithms and media access control protocols. This research enable new wide-area cellular systems particularly, mobile broadband wireless communications systems such as 4G cellular.

Microwave Technologies Research

Focusing on microwave technologies for advanced communications systems, this lab focus in areas such as cognitive radio, advanced electromagnetic design and modeling, RF propagation measurements and modeling, The lab will work with standards organizations as well as university and national labs.

Spectrum Engineering Center

The Spectrum Engineering Center conducts research on the efficient use of the radio spectrum as a raw material to develop solutions for multisystem coexistence and to evaluate spectrum requirements and potential bands worldwide.

Distributed Wireless Access and Spectrum Research

This lab develops core competencies, enabling technologies and innovations in the field of distributed wireless access technologies including WLAN, ad hoc networks and related technologies, and wide-area system simulation and design.

Seamless Radio-Access

The mission of the Seamless Radio-Access Lab is to develop advanced concepts for integrating WLAN and WWAN into next-generation broadband wireless access architectures. The lab also develops smart ways to manage heterogeneous radio access networks so that operators can deliver seamless connectivity to their users. This will also concentrate on NGN.

Integrated Systems Research

The Integrated Systems Research Lab develops and implements new IC and FPGA hardware and real-time software signal processing solutions for communications applications. Areas of research include algorithm development, software development, simulation, hardware design, and IC synthesis, placement and routing with cadence EDA tool.

NGN Research

This lab consists of two groups. The Wireless Access Research group focuses on 3G long-term evolution and mobile multihop relay, based on the 802.16 wireless standard. The Networks Research will on All IP (AIP) networks and Multiple Session Management (MSM) as key technologies for realizing Seamless Mobility.

Engineering Research

Ph.D. Program in academics is associated with our various engineering colleges. In civil, Mechanical, Polymer, Petrochemical, Information technology departments.

All these programs are SPPU, AICTE, and UGC approved. Its goal is to prepare researchers who have the skills and aptitude to pursue activities of high quality research in industries, research centers, public administrations and academic institutions.

Various Engineering Institutions under MIT Group of Institutions offers Doctoral Programs in many of engineering disciplines.

Head Details

principle details

Dr. Radhakrishnan -
Professor Emeritus and Director,
Research Development & Innovation

  • 020- 25437302 ( R), 020-30273400 (O)
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
principle details

Dr. Mrs. Mrudula S. Skulkarni -
Research Co-Ordinator

  • -
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Admission the Doctoral Programs is, based on the Savitribai Phule Pune University, Ph. D. Entrance examination and verification of the research capacities and potentials by curriculum examination. The Research Doctorate (Ph.D.) degree is awarded by Savitribai Phule Pune University at the completion of the Program, which lasts at least three years.

The research Centre started in academic year 2013-14..

  • Each Research guide can have 8 no of research students under them.
  • Fees per year: 50000/-
  • Dr. Radhakrishnan, Dean Director Research and Innovation
  • Research Co-Ordinator: Dr. Mrs. Mrudula S Kulkarni

Research Centers & Centre Heads

  • Civil Engineering (Head: Dr.Mrudula S.Kulkarni)
  • Chemical Engineering(Head: Dr.Kiran D.Patil)
  • Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (Head: Dr.G.N.Muley)
  • Geology (Head: Dr.Pradeep Jadhav)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Head: Dr.Suhasini Desai)
  • Polymer Engineering (Head: Dr.Pramod S.Joshi)
  • Petroleum Engineering (Head: Dr.Pradeep B.Jadhav)

Approved Research Guides:

Every Research Guide are allotted with 8 seats.

Dr. Mrs Mrudula S Kulkarni (Civil), Dr. Sandeep S Potnis (Civil), Dr. Ramesh D Dod (Civil), Dr. Bilavari Karkare (Civil), Dr. A.G.Kharat (Civil), Dr.R.K.Jain (Civil), Dr.Ganesh Hinge (Civil), Dr. Mrs Suhasini Desai (Mechanical), Dr. S T Chavan (Mechanical), Dr. Mandar M Lele (Mechanical), Dr. Yogesh J Bhalerao (Mechanical), Dr.Gunesh Gogate (Mechanical), Dr.G.N.Muley (E&TC), Dr. Mrs Arti Khaparde (E&TC), Dr. Bharat Chaudhary (E&TC), Dr.L.K.Khirsagar (Petrolium), Dr.Pradeep Jadhav (Petrolium), Dr. Kiran Patil (Petrolium, Chemical Engineering) Dr.P.S. Joshi (Polymer)

Research Areas

Following are the research activities in which MIT Group of Institutions are involved – Pune is involved. They are divided up into groups.

To allow for easier identification, the research can be classified according to the following macro-areas.

Mechanical & Industrial design Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering Automotive design
Polymer Engineering ,Chemistry, Materials and Nanotechnologies Heat Power Engineering Building Construction, Infrastructures Management
Civil engineering and Environmental Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering Structural Engineering and Design
Control systems and Robotics Biomechanics and Bio-materials Engineering Sciences
Petroleum Geology and Exploration. Products and Industrial processes Computing and Information technology Management
Oil and Gas Exploration and Sub Sea Engineering Products and Industrial processes Computing and Information technology Management

Research partners

ONGC SPE Mahinadra & Mahindra Thermax Ltd
Tata motors Alfa Laval Fobes Marshall JCB
Fox Wagon Bharat Forge General Electric Godrej Boyce
Bajaj Auto IBM Nvidia TCS
3D PLM Slumberger Shell Reliance
Aker Powergas and Subsea Engineering Ltd. Pune Construction Research Foundation Builders Association of India Ambuja Cement
Indian Concrete Institute HCC National Chemical Laboratory Politecnico De Milano, Italy
Central Water Power Research Station Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute Indian Road Congress

Research In Management

MIT Management research center is effective form 2011 under the guidance of Dr. (Brig) Ranbir Kumar Bhatia. Various management department in MIT group of institutions are providing research facility affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune university .Selection of the candidates is done on the basis of entrance examination conducted by Savitribai Phule Pune University. Attached to the center are various management faculties under which students can complete their Ph.D. In academics. Various Guides available under Management research center are:

principle details

Prof. Dr. Sayalee Gankar -

  • +91 98 81 101 576
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
principle details

Prof. Dr. Mahesh Abale -

  • +91 (20) 30273148
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
principle details

Dr. Milind Pande -
Head Telecom Management

  • +91 9921094868
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Various areas in which research domains are available are listed below:

Management Commerce Entrepreneurship International business
Human resources Business law Banking & accounting Production & operations management
Finance & control Corporate strategy & business excellence Marketing Information systems & quantitative methods
Finance & control - - -

Research the Domain of Telecom Management

Apart from MIT Group of Institutions provide another innovative and most challenging area called Telecom Management where faculties are available to guide student’s .Dr. Milind Pande Dean Research Telecom Management runs this activity effectively in Telecom domain.

Next generation network Telecom technology QOS of NGN Wireless network technology
Collaborative network Cognitive radio MIMO -multi input multi output system Cognitive network
OFDMA orthogonal frequency division multiple access Software defined radio RFID Mobility management
Analog and RF IC design for wireless system IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) Broad band communication technology Intelligent transport system

Motorola Simulation Lab

This lab include one point suit, CCE, MOTOwi4solutions software's

  • One point suite :

    An innovative and powerful set of solutions that enable you to design, deploy and manage your wireless broadband indoor and outdoor networks including Motorola indoor WLAN, outdoor MOTOMESH, Point-to- Multipoint and Point- to-Point products. One Point design tools yield highly accurate outdoor link and indoor 802.11b/g/n network designs which provide optima coverage and capacity the first time maps environment.

  • CCE Software:

    Motorola communication convergence engine provides uniform platform to create, manage and deliver converged video voice and data services across multiple network and devices

  • MOTOwi4 Solutions:

    The Motorola MOTOwi4 wireless broadband product portfolio includes fixed point-to-point solutions, and fixed point- to-multipoint Canopy solutions that are ideally suited for use in these frequency bands. Many providers, however, are rightly concerned about the fact that, although DFS functionality is essentially the same, government configuration and compliance mandates differ from country to country

  • MITSOT's Swingtel MID
    MITSOT's Swingtel MID

    MIT School of Telecom & Management Studies has launched its premier research product "SwingTel MID (Mobile Internet Device)". After rigorous R&D, MITSOT has launched its premier product SwingTel MID. MITSOT's research team was working on this project for last 2 years. It is a handheld device like tablet PC with 7" touch screen display and optional external keypad.

    MITSOT provides SwingTel MID to all its students absolutely free. All the reading material, video lectures, online contents will be accessed by students through this device.

The main features of Swingtel MID are:

Built in GPS Android 2.2 Expanded Memory up to 8GB (SD Card) USB Port
External Keypad 2G ROM 256 MB RAM 7" Touch Screen
Expanded Memory up to 8GB (SD Card) USB Port External Keypad -

Swingtel MID has following Accessories:

Car Holder Car cradle USB Cable Car Charger
Power Adapter USB Cable - -

Research in Medical and Health Sciences

Medical research center is available at Maharashtra Institute of Medical sciences & research, Latur medical college affiliated to Medical university of Health Sciences at Nashik. Dr. Mrs. S. B. Mantri and Dr. B. S. Nagoba are looking after the medical research center

Head Details

principle details

Dr. Mrs. S. B. Mantri -
Chairperson PSM

  • -
  • -
principle details

Dr. B. S. Nagoba -
Co-ordinator, Microbiology

  • -
  • -

Ethical committee for human research

Maharashtra Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, (MIMSR), Latur

Research committees

No. Name of the staff Designation Department
1 Dr. C. S. Pandav Chief advisor Prof. & head, psm, aiims, new delhi
2 Dr. Madhusudhan zanwar Advisor Renowned ophthalmologist, pune
3 Dr. Umesh nagare Advisor Renowned orthopaedic surgeon, pune
4 Dr. Mrs. S. B. Mantri Chairperson PSM
5 Dr. B. S. Nagoba Co-ordinator Microbiology
6 Dr. S. S. Somani Member ENT
7 Dr. P. R. Gade Member Pharmacology
8 Dr. A. G. Gosavi Member Anatomy
9 Dr. S. S. Ugale Member Biochemistry
10 Mr. Atul wadagale Member PSM (statistics)

Research Society

No Name of the staff Designation Department
1 Prof. Dr. V. D. Karad Chief Patron Founder executive president, maeer mit world peace society, pune, india
2 Dr. Madhusudhan Zanwar Patron Coordinator, MIMSR, Latur
3 Dr. Mrs. S. B. Mantri Chairman PSM
4 Dr. B. S. Nagoba Secretary Microbiology
5 Dr. A. S. Yadav Treasurer Biochemistry
6 Dr. A. R. Mahale Member Obgy
7 Dr. P. R. Gade Member Pharmacology
8 Dr. A. K. Rao Member Orthopedics
9 Dr. A. S. Daithankar Member Medicine

Ethical committee for human research

No Name of the staff Designation Department
1 Dr. D. V. Vedpathak,R. S. College, latur Secretary Microbiology
2 Dr. B. S. Nagoba Patron Microbiology
3 Mrs. Asha Bhise Member Social Activist
4 Dr. B. D. Adgaonkar Member Physiology
5 Dr. C. S. Patil Member Obgy
6 Dr. P. R. Gade Member Medicine
7 Adv. Vaikunthe Member Legal Advisor
8 Dr. Sohan Selkar Member Physiotherapy
9 Mr. M. A. Bhogade Member Layman

Ethical committee for animal research

No Name of the staff Designation Department
1 Dr. Mrs. S. B. Mantri Chairman PSM
2 Dr. B. D. Adgaonkar Secretary Physiology
3 Dr. B. S. Nagoba Member Microbiology
4 Mr. S. M. Kolhe Member Pharmacology
5 Mrs. Ashatai Bhise Member Social worker
6 Dr. R. V. Kulkarni Member Pathology
7 Dr. A. S. Ganu Member Medicine

Consultancy services

Consultancy by the faculty is a domain area of the institution and brings in revenue of more than Rs. 10 lakhs per year. The institute offers consultancy services. In most of the departments, these services are given free of cost. Besides this, most of the staff members offer informal consultancy to patients and general public.

Following is the list of important consultancy services offered by our institute

  • Department of Ophthalmology of our institute offers consultancy services to District Blind Control Society (DBCS) and participates in national blindness control Programme implemented by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The department has generated revenue of Rs. 10, 25,250/- for the year 2010. The department of Ophthalmology also offers consultancy in eye donation drive.
  • Department of Pathology of our institute offers consultancy services to needy patients from Latur City for histopathology services and generates revenue from the same. The total revenue generated for the year 2010 is Rs. 13,400.
  • Department of Microbiology of our institute offers services to Government and private hospitals in Latur district for investigation of operation theatre sepsis – by processing operation theatre swabs (O.T. swabs) and generates revenue. The revenue generated in the year 2010 is Rs. 12,900.
  • Dr. B. S. Nagoba, Assistant Dean (R&D) offers consultancy services in the following areas:
      • As a nominee of Department of Biotechnology (DBT nominee) of Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India on Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBSC), he offers consultancy for Biosafety precautions and approval of research protocols.
      • He also offers consultancy services as an expert faculty in medical education and offers his services to colleges inviting him as an expert faculty for training of teachers in medical education. He has offered his services to many medical colleges, including Medical College, Bidar, Sangareddy, Jalgaon and Talegaon.
  • Department of Anatomy offers consultancy services in body donation drives. Three teachers from Anatomy Department motivate people for body donation through informal talks, discussions, etc.

    Three Faculties from OBGY offer consultancy services in the cancer detection drive of Zillah Parishad, Latur. One of our faculty from Psychiatry Department is the member of the Student Counseling Committee and offers free consultancy to failed students.

    Ten of our faculties from PSM department are offering consultancy services in Health Education in various schools, rural areas, urban slums, etc.

    The beneficiaries of these consultancy services are

    • Patients – most common
    • General Public
    • Teachers from other medical colleges
    • Students from other medical colleges
    • Private and Government Hospitals like PHC / RH, etc.

Medical Research / Collaborations

  • MoU has been entered ion 11th November 2009 between a Royal College of General Practitioners London, UK and MIT School of Medical Sciences for promoting development of faculty through medical education training programmes, training in communication, counseling skills and implementation of programmes for continuing medical education programmes and joint research, symposia, conferences, workshops, etc.
  • MoU entered into between Benedictine University, Lisle, Illinois, USA and MAEER, Pune to promote exchange of scholars (Professor or Researchers and students), exchange of academic information, materials and publications, and organization of joint research programs, etc. The Department of Medicine has collaboration with National Institute of Health – a prestigious international institution in USA for research purpose through St. John's Medical College, Bangalore.

Collaboration with Industry

  • The Department of Orthopedics has collaboration with IPCA Laboratories, Mumbai – a pharmaceutical company - for research purpose.

State Level Collaboration

  • The Department of Microbiology has collaboration with P. G. Department of Microbiology of Dayanand Science College, Latur for research purpose.
  • Departments of PSM and Physiology of our institute have collaboration with Departments of PSM and Physiology of MIMER Medical College, Talegaon for research purpose.
  • The department of Orthopedics of our institute has collaboration with Sancheti institute of Orthopedics and rehabilitation, Pune.
  • Our institute has collaboration with Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded for interdisciplinary research in Life sciences, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics.

Facilities provided by the Research Centre

    Social Programmes

    The College has full-fledged NSS Unit of MUHS, Nashik. This unit carries out various activities as per the guidelines of MUHS, Nashik, in which presently 75 student volunteers participate in various activities like campus cleaning, drug counseling and health education by way of awareness rallies, person-to-person consultation, promotion of national integration, health surveys, etc in and around Latur city.

    Rural Health Social Service (RHSS) Unit

    The College has set up a special extension unit particularly to take up rural/ slum areas of Latur District called Rural Health Social Service (RHSS) Unit. RHSS is the vehicle of the college to encourage students and teachers to actively participate in all extension activities. The RHSS unit circulates notice to inform staff, students and interns about extension activities and encourages them to participate actively.

    Health Centers

    The management has set up the Saraswati Karad Rural Hospital at Rameshwar (Rui), 27 Km. away from Latur and an Urban Health Center in Khadgaon area of Latur. The faculty members and students actively and regularly participate in providing Healthcare Services in these two centers.

Research in Pharmacy

Maharashtra institute of pharmacy, pune

  • Name of the Research Centre : MAEER's Maharashtra Institute of Pharmacy, Pune
  • Affiliation of the Centre : Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune
  • Total Number of Seats: Eight per guide six full time guides = 48
  • Number of Students Enrolled: 24
principle details

Dr. B. S. Kuchekar -
Head Pharmacy

  • (020) 30273653, 30273673, Fax: (020 25460616)
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Doctoral Program Guides with No. of Students:

Sr No Name of the Guides Contact No. e-mail id No. of Students pursuing with him/her
1. Dr. B. S Kuchekar 9422600724 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 04
2. Dr. A. R. Chabukswar 9551073208 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 05
3. Dr. S. C. Jagdale 9881478118 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 05
4. Dr. J. J. Khandare 9920526627 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 03
5. Dr. Vishnu Choudhari 9421081141 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 05
6. Dr. A. P. Kulkarni 9823155225 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 01
7. Dr. S. P.Boldhane 9920901781   01


    Today’s industry needs constant innovation and state of society demands employment. In order to fulfill this gap MIT Group of Institutions has launched this MITTBI which provides support to the industry as well as governmental organizations. MITTBI is self-sustainable entity for the socio –economic growth of the society. This incubation process encourages young innovators to mass produce their certain creation and establish themselves as successful entrepreneurs.

    Objectives / Concept

    • To establish the efficient TBI Center in Pune by setting up common facilities to be covered by Electronic Manufacturing start-up companies and to facilitate the youngsters for setting up their business ideas and innovation into the successful business.
    • The facility is located in Pune, Maharashtra. This center has state- of- the art facilities for new entrepreneurs to start their business in Electronics Area. The Project assists the incubators in Pune and outside to access better technology and develop the business from innovation to pilot production of the product.
    • To offer students and faculties facilities and resources for promoting the basic elements of innovation and transitioning new ideas into products, processes and services and to provide businesses and industry with a pipeline of new products, processes and talented graduates to hire and to promote interactions and collaborations between students and faculty with industry professional and entrepreneurial business people.
    • To provide resources and environment for prototyping and incubating products and partnership programs, centers of excellence between faculty, government, and industry in various product, service, and next generation systems.

    Background/Why TBI?

    • Maharashtra has emerged as a key center for IT and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITeS), Electronic and Capacitive business outsourcing industries. The strong presence of auto sector in Pune region has made the city a hub for Electronic Industry.
    • The electronic product comprises of consumer electronics, computer peripherals, and Automation and consumer electronic sectors from client segment.

    TBI Structure/What we are doing?

    • The MIT institution/ organization have implemented the project and manage the TBI. The TBI center provides the various techno-managerial services to all incubate within and outside Pune. The TBI functions as a service provider to assist incubi ties in innovating and developing new products, producing value added products, enhance productivity and meet international product requirements.
    • The TBI offers support to the incubi by providing most commonly required facilities like:
      • Design center.
      • SMT line lab.
      • Testing and Measurement lab.
      • Rapid prototyping and tool room

    MIT Initiative

    MIT have already taken proactive steps towards establishing successful TBI. All those initiatives are as follows:

    • Board resolution has been passed by MIT to initiate TBI.
    • A separate account under trust is established.
    • Initial space of 800 sqft has been allotted for functioning TBI.
    • Four startup companies have been established since last one year and they are running successfully under TBI.

    These companies are

    • RLARD Engitech pvt. Ltd.
    • AMLED Efficient lighting.
    • LEAD-Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Aptitude Development

    Role of MIT

    • MIT providing resources (SPACE and Manpower) to establish this center
    • Research faculty members and students are supporting for activities under the center.
    • Promotion and conduction of training programs.
    • Independent Technology Management Team is taking care of day to day technology management and commercialization activities.

    Our Team

    • Dr. Mangesh Karad: Executive Director, MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions, Pune.
    • Prof. Manish M. Patil: Coordinator
    • Ms. Priyanka M. Bansode: Junior Incubation Manager
    • Mentors: Expert in various areas: (Legal, Business planning, IT, R & D, Finance)
      • Mr. Anand Mahurkar
      • Ms. Pallavi Salunke
      • Mr. Sushant Kulkarni
      • Mr. Piyush Joshi
      • Mrs. Soma Chattopadhyaya
      • Mr. Vidhyadhar Phadke
      • Mr. Ramchandra Bhide
      • Mr. Deepak Nanda
      • Mr. Mukund Joglekar