Vision and Mission

Vision of an institution is a strong thematic foundation and limit that it envisages to reach while mission preludes means or roadmap to final destination. MIT psychology being deeply rooted to Indian cultural heritage and strongly embarks upon the teachings of what the 13th century Philosopher Sant Shri Dnyaneshwara stated "The whole universe is a manifestation of pure intelligence and consciousness". The MAEER trust further identifies itself with Albert Einstein's assertion "I believe in God, who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of the universe, & I believe that intelligence is manifested throughout nature."

Indeed, the great saints, sagas, seers, the learned and the scientists have always a common goal that of the Welfare of the Humanity.MIT Pune strongly believes in Indian Culture, Saints and Sages, hence vision is derived on their teachings and is being practiced at MIT Group of Institutions.


"To promote the "Culture of Peace" through value based "Universal Education System", with a firm belief that "Union of Science and Religion/ Spirituality alone will bring peace to mankind".


"To harness the knowledge of Science & Technology for the welfare of the society."

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