Mr Girish A Wagh Sr Vice President - PPPM, PVBU

Tata Motors Ltd., Pimpri, Pune
MIT Pune

"There are so many take-aways from MIT. So many of which have helped me get to this station of my career. If I must narrow down to the maximum impact take-aways then it has got to be the manner in which my lecturers and professors imparted knowledge, both theory and praxis. That the knowledge imparted was effective was reflected in my career in so many telling ways. MIT's inculcation of discipline and the culture of value based education proved to be the keys that opened up my career for me.Yes, MIT provides opportunities for balanced learning, through classroom inputs as well as creating an atmosphere that helps students to develop capabilities to implement those theoretical inputs in real life conditions. In a nutshell MIT makes of its Students a force that brings concepts to life."

Madhav Shamrao Tilgulkar Oil & Gas Consultant

MIT Pune

Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune, a name that glitters in every nook and corner of India was established in 1983 by Dr. Vishwanath Karad Sir. Under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Karad Sir, today in 2015, MIT has expanded in every education forum and is considered to be one of the best colleges not only in Pune but all around India. Due to constant efforts of Dr. Karad Sir, thousands of students from all over India got an opportunity to complete their dream of pursuing Engineering and to become successful engineers and to lead in various sectors of different industries. I was one of the very few lucky students who was amongst the first batch of MIT, and under the guidance of Dr. Karad Sir , I even received an opportunity to have been elected as the very First General Secretary of MIT, Pune. Working under Dr. Karad Sir as a General Secretary as well as a student of MIT, I realized that not only is Dr. Karad Sir a great professor and an all-rounder but also a man with a golden heart & great vision.. MIT,Pune has extended its reach in Medical, Architecture , Navel Engineering , Fashion design , Management school , Gurukul residential school , Junior college , diploma and many more to add on. Dr. Karad Sir considers MIT as an extended part of his family and I am proud to have been associated with this leading educational empire. MIT, for more than 32 years now. Moreover it gives me intense pleasure to be a MIT'ian and continue to serve and be a part of MIT. Today I am a consultant in Oil & Gas field, the knowledge; I received from various professors in MIT and numerous qualities I learned from Mr. Karad Sir, is helping me, while working at various parts of the world.

Jarnail Singh Dadiyal Director

JKC Automobile Engineers , Pune
MIT Pune

"1983-87 we saw MIT from no building to Main building - Then juniors experienced it flowering on New branches. Captains, Leaders, Doctors today have joined hands with Engineers to mould a new India for the World !Passing out with a JOB from the campus is yet a dream for many. Offering today's MITians industrial exposure through our projects is my way to always remain as a part of MIT !"

Manoj Patil Director

Program Director India Software Labs
MIT Pune

Thanks for reaching out. It's always exciting to connect with my alma mater. MIT has a very special and sacred place in my heart. I owe a lot to this institution who shaped me into whatever I am. The social and philanthropic nature of my beloved Prof Vishwanath Karad has had long lasting impression on my career and personality. His Midas touch inspired me to scale academic heights. The institution has pioneered industry partnerships and I was one of the rare ones who declined admission in the prestigious COEP then and joined MIT due to the famous Motorola Gold Medal which I went on to compete and win. !!! I take this opportunity to thank my professors for the personal touch and care while they honed our engineering skills and moulded us into best technocrats in the industry.

Rahul Mehendale CEO

My Skin Inc. NJ
MIT Pune

"MAEER's MIT, to me , stands apart in providing an unique opportunity to interact with and build relationships with exceptional people – fellow students, alumni, and staff. The rigorous academic curriculum is unparalleled in being supplemented by activities to develop oneself along multiple dimensions by participating and leading activities at a cultural, literary, sport and scientific level in a highly creative environment. Even after graduating many years ago, not a day goes by without feeling a sense of pride for MAEERs MIT, a deep sense of gratitude for the knowledge and confidence the institution imparted, and the friendships formed there."

Ninad Patil -

MIT - Pune

Every person has vivid memories of childhood & younger days, especially memories about their Alma-mater. The memories however revolve more around oneself and their well-being. I can very proudly say that my memories of my Alma-mater, MIT Engineering College, are more about the evolution of this great institute and about the people who made this happen. I also feel lucky that I was part of this evolution process and also got evolved as a person that I am today. Being student from the 1st batch, we were given full freedom by our beloved founder Dr. VD Karad Sir to think and implement all good initiatives. All culture of discipline, behaviour, sense of owing to our nation was deeply inculcated in our minds by our respected teachers. I wish MIT to keep reaching greater heights as always.

Rajneesh Vij Head ( Sales & Operations)

Ultratech RMC- Pune
Year of Passing: 1999
MIT Pune

Experience at MIT was fantastic, and laid the foundation stone for a challenging journey ahead. I passed in 1997 (BE Civil), and in 1999 completed my MBA from MITSOM. MIT, in those days, encouraged free thinking rather than just stressing on classroom teaching. We were often encouraged to look beyond books. It helped enormously to absorb and assimilate, from various interactions happening in and around the campus. In the hindsight, I believe, this very approach helped in inculcating a sense of self-discipline and develop a 360 degree approach to problem solving.

Sanjay Sampath Environmental Engineer

Petro- Chemical
MIT Pune

I am from the BE 1998 Petrochemical Branch at MIT Pune. I am currently an environmental engineer in the US and have worked as a consultant for the top energy companies in the world, including Exxon, BP, Valero, Dow, Lyondell, etc. I still have very fond memories of MIT as it helped shape me as an individual through the key college years. The quality of the professors and some of my peers never let me feel that we were in any shape or form inferior to the IITs or the NITs (RECs) while doing my undergrad degree. Today, I also have a Masters in Environmental Engineering from Texas A&M Kingsville, an MBA from the University of Houston and am working on my Masters in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard University, but if I had to choose between the institutions purely based on sentiments and level of life knowledge gained, I would choose MIT.

Niranjan Arun Upadhyedare General Manager Purchase

Greaves Cotton.Ltd.
Executive MBA
MIT College of Management

MIT Group of Institutions are excellent in terms giving practical knowledge base inputs to suit the industry requirement. MIT Group of Institutions infrastructure & facilities are good enough to impart the right appropriate education on time

Anish Sukumaran Business Development Execuitve

Markets and Markets
PGP-MBA Retail Business Management(2015 Passout)
MIT College of Management

MIT is more than just about studies and curriculum, it's about growing your mind in a myriad of ways. I still remember the first time I entered the enormous MIT campus, it was beautiful. The scenic beauty of the campus, the peace and serenity in the atmosphere, the multitude of students, the various educational institutions, the humongous sports ground and many more, just blew my mind. Apart from these amazing facilities, MIT has a beautiful spiritual aura which differentiates it from any educational institution in the city. Being from Pimpri-Chinchwad, I was a little sceptical to come so far from home, but I am glad I took that step. MIT has worked as a catalyst in paving ways for my career and eventually my life. Today I can proudly say that the 2 years that I spent in MIT were the best 2 years of my life. Proud to be a part of MIT.

Akshay Deshmane Asst. Manager

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
PGP-MBA Retail Business Management
MIT College of Management

MIT has played a valuable role in my Educational path, This was the turning point of becoming a Professionally developed person from a student. Our Mentor and Professors are so good to guide and train us to understand the management techniques and implementation in corporate arena."

"MIT has the wide enough balance of constructive studies, Seminars along with the curriculum, wide exposure to multi- events/activities which helps me to develop my management & leadership skills in the two years with Awards and Appreciations for my efforts in those days"

"Even today when I look back in to my life MIT has special place where it made so many positive and unexpected changes in my personal as well as professional behavior and confidence level to look after the challenges."

Proud to be part of MIT…..

Nirav Khanna Store Manager

PGP-MBA Retail Business Management
MIT College of Management

It was great experience being here…. Two years…. I learnt many things…. Now when I look back I feel….the changes… It's the similar feeling I had when I graduated two years back… how time changes and how life keeps on moving without a pause…. People come… people go…. We laugh we cry…. Some really low moments…. Some really high…. Life is so beautiful in its own way…. In my last 2 years of MBA I met many people…. I was attached to many…. And worked and enjoyed with everybody I came across…. I discovered a different me…. More self centered, bad and self indulged me… And I improved as well in terms of public speaking, anchoring, organizing and so on… All I can now recall is that first presentation when I was shivering with stage fear…. That first interview for organizing committee… those events we organized and clubs inaugurated… first event I hosted…..those proxies… talks….. Hanging out at Durga and spice mall every now and then….. bunking classes…. Rehearsals… Practices….Improvements… Exams…. And so on…. Life was always fun and exciting here…. I have learnt very good problem handling skills and stress management….. How to meet deadlines ;)… by completing a week long assignment overnight… All those group tasks which compelled us to stay up all night with our gtalk on…. All those frequent semester exams…. These two years of my life were really good… I know what I have learnt….. I can sense the changes in me… I met some really great people…. I would not name all of them My Director Prof. Sayalee Gankar Ma'am had a great impact on me…. I still miss her presence every time I achieve something…. :-( My internship was like a turning point which gave me a very good exposure and learning experience and I really appreciate my boss who was not just a boss but also a strict teacher who taught us practical. I met many who contributed to my life in one or the other way…. I was encouraged, appreciated, criticized and discouraged time to time…. But it always added towards my learning and helped me to learn and become better with every step…. I would say this institution has been like parents to me guiding me on each and every path letting me know what should I do and what should I not do it has taught a lot of things to me how to go ahead with life and how to be on your own and I m very greatful to them as I can call them my 2nd parents as they have got me so far at a very good position in my life.

Jitendra Gore Head – Service Delivery & Operations

Systems Integration - India
B.E (E&TC)(Passout 1987)
MIT -Pune

It is my privilege to be given opportunity to give opinion about MIT group of Institution. I am grateful to be part of this wonderful institute ably lead by Prof. Karad Sir. This institute believes in having teachers who love to teach and do so with all their heart and soul to provide their students with what is important and necessary and inspiring and beautiful and meaningful and true and good and honest. The institute cares about students and empower them and ignite their passions and help them achieve their big dreams. The institute demands that their students question everything, including what they themselves teach, to ensure that they become the best critical and creative thinkers they can be.

My special respect to Prof Karad sir being a teacher passionate about the subject and who cannot help but impart that passion in us.

Akshay Dhamapurkar Industrial Designer


What I like about the MIT group is that, according to the current Industry trends, the curriculum changes and keeps getting updated. The faculty too is always helpful in guiding the students. Apart from this, the MIT group also has an active student panel. The group of institute's also conducts regular guest lectures, has excellent library facilities and dedicated placement departments. The hostel facilities too are also really decent and up our expectations.

Sayali Mahajan Product Designer


I feel the facilities and the faculty at the MIT group of institutes are very good and the syllabus too is updated to current market scenarios. Also, the MIT group of institutes has a good placement record, hiring students in leading companies. The guidance given by the faculty members also helped me to gain the required knowledge and skills as per the Industry standards.

Vibhor Sharma Asst Professor


It was a life turning decision for us to join MIT group for our post-graduation, as few of us had to quit our well settled job's. But here, we got an excellent exposure under the guidance of eminent faculties, which turned our decision to be right. After completing our course with MIT group, we realized that getting a good job in OEMs is not the only career option in life, rather it's how you serve for the welfare of environment, society and people. Saying this, a few of us decided to join the MIT group as faculties and share our knowledge and experience with the students and guide them to set new career path."

Aniket Sase Product Designer


The experience at MIT Group has been a very memorable one. The group of institutes has been known to help students to learn and grow as professional. Students have learnt a lot in the years of their course. The faculty team is generally known to guide students along the way. Without the guidance of the faculties, it wouldn't have been possible for students to succeed. I am happy that I took this decision to join the MIT Group.

Tanvi Dandawate Product Designer

Dhruv Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
MIT - Pune

I had joined MIT in the year 2012. When I entered in the campus, I was awed by its infrastructure. It is a perfect college campus with all the amenities, parking spaces, security and architecture. The staff at the Civil Department made me comfortable from Day One in the college. I never felt I am at a new place with so many new faces. Initially I faced some problems due to my marks but my teachers always explained me where exactly I was lacking and after that it became quite easy for me to score in my exams. The Final Year had been an altogether different engineering degree by itself. Working on BE project, maintaining 75% attendance, completing assignments, appearing for vivas, giving other competitive exams and the actual semester exams required the skill of a professional. However, all said and done, at the end of it, all of us have come through stronger.

We all have emerged as a totally different person after passing out from this college. I had taken up Civil Engineering to become like my father. The subjects which I studied at MIT have helped me a lot in grasping things at the office and I totally stand out from all other employees working in the office. All credit goes to MIT and its management for making me a good engineer.

Ketaki Pandit -

B.E.(CS) 2006 Passout
MIT - Pune

My memories of MIT are a melange of bitter sweet experiences, nonetheless fond. The long corridors, dome of library bathed in moonlight, lush green lawns lined with almond trees, and the now non existent old canteen and SAC room are still alive in my memories.

People: teachers, classmates, students, and non teaching staff- made my experience at MIT all the more rich- challenging, yet enjoyable. The friendships I made here are everlasting, the education I received is invaluable. And the prayer that started the day at MIT continues to be my companion in times of stress and disorder.

MIT is the place where I discovered myself, expanded my horizons. I learnt much more than computer engineering, much more than what the textbooks teach. I learnt to take life head on, unafraid of the outcome, always believing in the strength of good over evil. I found the confidence to realize my dreams, to take the path less trodden.

Vaishali Kulkarni (Londhe) -

B.E.(CS) 1989 Passout
MIT - Pune

One of the good private colleges of our time, the name of which we were proud to take. Great students around, who would not only excel in studies, but would also be very active in other activities. MIT always encouraged overall personality improvement, which is so very important in professional life

Vinayak Kulkarni -

B.E.(CS) 1994 Passout
MIT - Pune

I can certainly say that my MIT education made a huge difference in my life. MIT offered me arguably the best computer science department in Pune. MIT not only gave me a great education but prepared me for professional life. MIT has given me opportunities that I know I would not have had otherwise.

On personal level, one area that gave me lot of satisfaction is friendship -- friendship with most of my friends from MIT has turned into long lasting relationships.

Tushar Wagh -

Information Technology
MIT - Pune

With great institutional ambience and great learning atmosphere, the four years which were spent at MIT Petrochemical department laid foundation for my career and what I am today. With platform to develop on technical as well as extra-curricular aspects and support by each and every staff at MIT is really appreciable.

Girish Chitale -

1994 Batch Pass Out
MIT - Pune

It gives me immense Pride in calling that I've graduated from MIT, Pune. Being from MIT Mech-94 batch, MIT gave me not only a good engineering knowledge to be proficient in life but gave good friends, a confidence of Life and more that Good teachers to learn from. पसायदान is always my integral part of prayer, the habit that inculcated strongly in me when I was in MIT for 4 years."Wish MIT All the best.