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MIT World Peace Society Pune


Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad,Founder of MIT Group of Institutions,Pune, whos has worked ceaselessly to impart good values amongst the student and promote Culture of Peace' in the world, value based Autonomous Programmes are being conducted involving Ethical and Moral Values, Yoga, Environmental studies, Personality Development etc. for holistic development of the students.

These value based autonomous programmes include those topics & subjects, which are not generally included in the prescribed academic syllabi, these are very much necessary for the Holistic Development of an individual, which is the main characteristic of the MIT group of Institutions' Educational Programmes.

Certificate Course:

Each Certificate program carries syllabus for 6 lectures of one hour each. In some courses emphasis will be given on hands-on-training.


Hospital Waste Management

  • Definitions, Classification and Characterization
  • Health Impacts of Health Care Waste
  • Exygiene and Infection Control
  • Emergency Response
  • Treatment and Disposal Technologies

Research Methodology

  • Introduction / Orientation
  • Research Question / Designing Questionnaire
  • Research Hypothesis
  • Clinic Trials
  • Cross - Sectional Studies
  • Basic Concepts of Statistics
  • Case Control Study
  • Cohort Study
  • Research Ethics
  • Grants Writing
  • Test of Significance
  • Searching e-Medical literature & Articles
  • Dissertation Writing

Medico - Legal Practices

  • Medicine and Law
  • Laws and Acts Related to Medical profession
  • Registration of Births and Deaths Act
  • Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act
  • Pre Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Technique Act
  • Consumer protection Act
  • Drug and Cosmetics Act

Medico - Ethical Practices

  • What is Medical Ethics? Why Study medical Ethics?
  • Medical Ethics, Medical professionalism, Human Rights and Law
  • Principal Features of Medical Ethics
  • Informed Consent
  • Ethical Requirements in Medical / Clinical Research
  • Medical Council of India - Code of medical Ethics
  • International Code of Medical Ethics

Environmental Protection & Climate Change

  • Importance and need of Environmental awareness - Scope and need for Public awareness.
  • Water Resources - Pollution of rivers in India, Water as a resources, Scarcity of water, Water sharing of rivers and related issues, Water and Hygiene (Disease associated with scarcity of water and polluted water), Marine Pollution.
  • Waste and Waste management - Agricultural, Industrial, Urban waste with special reference to Bio-medical waste generation and its disposal.
  • Hazards and Disaster Management and Measures - Disaster Prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, rescue, recovery and Rehabilitation.
  • Global Issues - Causes and effects of Global warming, Ozone Depletion, Sea Level rise, Melting of Ice Caps, Changing ecosystems, climate change and its effects (Past, present and future).
  • Development in environmental Issues - The Stockholm conference, the Earth Summit, agenda 21, developing world Trade order and associated Environmental Issues.
  • Environmental laws in India (the Wild Life Act, Water Act, Forest Act, Environmental Protection Act and National Environment Tribunal act.

Value Based Universal Education System

  • Defining Education System and the understanding the concept behind - Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.
  • Defining Time - Tested Human Values and their universal importance
  • Value Based Universal Education System with an appropriate understanding of the Role of Science and Religion / Spirituality.
  • Developing a positive mindset with reverence towards all living beings involving time-tested concepts of morality and ethics, love. Compassion, respect for others and universal brotherhood.
  • Education for Character Building, Refraining from Bad Habits and various types of bad and unhealthy addictions, increasing the strength of mind, expanding the intellect and making one self-supporting together with concentration of mind.
  • The concepts of World Religions and their essence and philosophy for the wellbeing of the mankind.
  • Developing Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body through the various methods and techniques like Meditation, Yoga, Pranayam, Vipashyana and other physical and mental exercises etc.

Winning Personality

  • What is a Human Personality?
  • Self-Analysis
  • Deciding the aim, objective and goal in life - Goal Setting
  • What constitutes Winning Personality or its Attributes like :--------------Physical Fitness, Mental Alertness, Intellectual Sharpness land Spiritual Elevation
  • Role of Ethical & Moral Values in Character Building and Personality Development
  • Effective Communication Skills and Human Dynamics
  • Time Management
  • Inter - Personal Relations for Quality living.

Indian Philosophy, Culture and Traditions

  • Oldest Civilization
  • Definition of Philosophy
  • What is "Indian"?
  • Hindustan, India, Bharat
  • Invaders and Culture
  • Merging Traditions
  • God is No-W-Here!
  • Religions and India
  • Indian Philosophy - Integrated Humanism
  • Towards World Peace - An Indian Pathway.

Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation

  • History and Definition of Yoga and Pranayams
  • Ashtang Yoga with Demonstration
  • Importance of Prayer, Meditation - Dhyan Dharna
  • Importance of Diet and Fasting
  • Various types of Yoga Practices including Asanas and Pranayam with demonstration
  • Medicinal of Yoga to minimize the disorder of mind and body for a Healthy and peaceful life.

Contact details

  • MIT World Peace Society Pune, India Maharashtra Institute of Medical Science & Research (MIMSR) Medical College and Yashwantrao chavan Rural Hospital, Latur, Vishwanathpuram, Ambajogai Road, Latur 413 531, India.
  • +91 23 82 227424, 227028