Arya Chanakya Puraskar

The prestigious "Arya Chanakya Maharashtra awards" is a joint initiative by MIT School of Government and Doordarshan Sahyadri Channel, supported by the Ministry of Cooperation and Parliamentary Affairs (Government of Maharashtra) and Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad Foundation.

The purpose behind giving the "Arya Chanakaya Maharashtra State Awards" is to identify and honour meritorious and accomplished individuals in the State of Maharashtra who have created a lasting impression through their work in the field of Judiciary, Executive, Legislature and Media, which are collectively described as the four pillars of democracy.

Arya Chanakya Nyaya Shreshtha Puraskar

This award is given to a person who is prudent and impartial in the conduct of duty in the field of law or justice or who has pronounced landmark judgements, and thereby raised the overall confidence of the society.

Arya Chanakya Prashasan Shreshtha Puraskar

This award to a person who has undertaken effective action keeping in mind his social obligation and has done noteworthy development work in his area of activity along with the administrative service.

Arya Chanakya Lok Pratinidhi Shreshtha Puraskar

This award is given to a person who after being elected to the legislature, has done exceptional work in terms of sowing the seeds of democratic practices in his constituency, and has brought social transformation.

Arya Chanakya Jan Jagaran Shreshtha Puraskar

This award is given to a person who has created public awareness on important issues in society through the medium of journalism and mass communication.