Jr. Robocon

Robocon, short form for Robotic Contest, is an interesting game-cum- intellectual exercise for school going children. Kids those who are willing to peruse their carrier in the field of technology can show their talents. Jr. Robocon is national level robotic contest for all school children organized by Vishwashanti Gurukul Residential School, Pandharpur , Pune in association with MIT academy engineering (MITAOE ) for budding engineers and their enthusiastic instructors, determined to innovate and create machines for producing desired results. Participation in this activity is an end-to-end competitive experience from concept design of a system of robots programmed to perform according to rules of the game played on a high precision technical Contest Area and to score a victory beating the competitors; all this according to a Theme declared by the organizers. Mrs Swati Chate has taken this initiative and completion is organized among the all India schools. Committee of members selects team and they will be allowed to participate in the competition. Students get experience of group activity as well as can show their technology talents.

Robocon 2016 Theme : Digital India


The objectives of the Jr. Robocon is to include an understanding and appreciation of robotics and automation amongst school going children.

  • To create awareness among the school children on the various actions that robots can perform which are fairly different than the industrial tasks
  • To help in the technological development from the tender age by providing a platform to practice robotics.
  • To encourage innovation in design among young kids and provide them with a forum that displays their work.