• Bharat Ratna Late Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Hon’ble former President of India
    • Bharat Ratna Late Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam,
    • Hon’ble former President of India

    Great experience to visit MIT, as to truth in its Dnyaneshwara Hall.

  • Dr. Raja Ramanna, Nuclear physicist National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
    • Dr. Raja Ramanna, an eminent nuclear physicist
    • National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore

    It has already reached a position of excellence & is on the way to becoming one of the best, based on Indian requirements of principles.

  • Hon’ble Late Shri. ChandrashekharFormer Prime Minister of India
    • Hon’ble Late Shri. Chandrashekhar
    • Former Prime Minister of India

    It is a remarkable institute. I salute the teachers & students for their discipline, dedication & sense of duty to the motherland. I wish them well in life.

  • Shri. P. N. HaskarPrivate Secretary to Smt. Indira Gandhi
    • Shri. P. N. Haskar
    • Well known diplomat, thinker and Former Private Secretary to Smt. Indira Gandhi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

    MIT is an ‘Island of Hope’ in the vastness of the humanity.

  • Shri. Dilip Walse-PatilFormer Minister for Energy
    • Shri. Dilip Walse-Patil
    • Former Minister for Energy (excluding non-conventional energy) and Medical Education, Higher & Technical Education, Maharashtra

    The progress of the Institute is remarkable in imparting value based professional education. I highly appreciate, the sincere efforts taken by the Institute.

  • Late Shri. R. R. PatilFormer Deputy Chief Minister, Maharashtra
    • Late Shri. R. R. Patil
    • Former Deputy Chief Minister, Maharashtra

    It is heartening to note that MII has earned a wide spread reputation and great name in the field of education. It is promoting the noble cause of value based education, training & research.

  • Late Shri. Vilasrao DeshmukhFormer Chief Minister of Maharashtra
    • Late Shri. Vilasrao Deshmukh
    • Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra

    MIT is known for quality education, educational infrastructure and excellent teaching. I am happy that MIT through its various endeavors has contributed immensely in the field of education.

    An ideal institution in the rural background, Beautiful campus, Well disciplined and aptly guided people. Best Wishes

    Shri. Vilasrao Deshmukh
  • Shri. Sushil Kumar ShindeFormer Minister of Power, Government of India
    • Shri. Sushil Kumar Shinde
    • Former Minister of Power, Government of India

    It is heartening to note that, MIT is actively involved in the noble cause of promoting Human Rights Education, Culture of Peace, Democracy & Tolerance through its unique programmes and has achieved several distinctions the world over through its programmes under the UNESCO chair. The institute also had the privilege of organizing the First World Philosophers’ Meet in 1996 apart from several other events of international frame. I wish grand success to them.

  • Mr. A.R RahmanMusic composer
    • Mr. A.R Rahman
    • Music composer, music producer and Singer-Songwriter

    "An institute represents both the endeavours and the vision of man behind it. The institute indicates the spirit of Dr. Karad. In my second visit became more aware of Professor Dr. karad trying to impose the spirit and knowledge among the students. This was more visible on the occasion of Independence Day. The dedication with which he has developed the institute is evolving and I wish him all success in the realization of his vision."

    A.R Rahman
  • Ravi PichanVice President
    • Ravi Pichan Vice President
    • Capgemini

    It was indeed a pleasure and privilege to be part of your Inaugural function and I'd like to thank you for extending the invitation to me. I must say, the team at MIT have created a great institution with a rich heritage, culture and discipline which will only help the students to focus and will give them the correct direction to achieve their dreams. You are an integral part of shaping India's future and I commend and respect your hard work, dedication and drive to achieve this objective. I take this opportunity to wish you the very best.

  • Mr. Vasant Gowariker
    • Mr. Vasant Gowariker

    If all well established and long standing engineering colleges in the country could create and maintain as many facilities and labratories as MIT, Pune has done under the purposeful and participative leadership of Prof Dr. Vishwanath Karad and his highly motivated faculty members and administrative staff this country will create a very different and innovative revolution for its people. The students also seem to be very disciplined and believes in the culture & philosophy that the institution is very carefully nurturing. The people behind the institution certainly need to be complimented. They are matured enough to establish the necessary checks in the management system and work for improving upon such elements . Innovative management some times elicites criticism. I only hope that the institution builders will look only at the positive aspect of the criticism and not get crushed in their good work by any unfair elements of the criticism. I wish the instituion, its director and the associates of Prof Dr. Vishwanath Karad all the best in their present and future endeavours.

    Mr. Vasant Gowariker
  • Prof. Mr. Shivajirao BhosaleProfessor
    • Prof. Mr. Shivajirao BhosaleProfessor

    An unbelievable institute which is truly an actualisation of dream … dreams are innate to efforts and efforts would be unending in the science era. Keep progressing through new endeavours. I expect and assured you will keep adding new programs

    Mr. Shivajirao Bhosale
  • Prof Uday G GujjarProfessor
    • Prof Uday G GujjarProfessor
    • School of Computer Science,University of New Brunswick Fredericton, N.B, Canada

    I am very much impressed by this visit to MIT. I hope your institute flurishes and becomes "THE MIT"

    Uday G Gujjar
  • S.L. Kirloskar
    • S.L. Kirloskar

    I visited this MIT after its foundation stone was laid on. I am very happy at extencive development of the campus. Of course these institutions are to be judged by the quality of students & graduates it produces. My strong wish & hope is it takes in rough diamonds in the society in the form of its young students & polishes them in brilliant jewels, who will take leadership & responsibility of taking India in fore front of the world. I wish the institute great success.

  • John N Raticliffe
    • John N Raticliffe

    I have welcomed the opportunity of sensing something of he dynamism of the Director, which I know will be most influential in seeing that MIT achieves all his high hopes. I wish you well and look forward for my return.

    John N Raticliffe
  • Hon.’bl Mr.Abhaysinh Raje Bhosale
    • Hon.’bl Mr.Abhaysinh Raje Bhosale

    My visit was on the occasion of inauguration of school at Rameshwar. Through this institution one can see the gratitude of Prof.Dr.Vishwanath D.Karad towards his birth place. May this institution continue to educate and instigate values in its pupils of rural region

    Mr.Abhaysinh Raje Bhosale
  • Hon.’bl Mr.V.V.Shirwadkar
    • Hon.’bl Mr.V.V.Shirwadkar

    I reciprocate your warm greeting. After visiting your institution, I could feel the strong determination behind it. Your enormous and awestruck work truly satiated me. Wishing your institute and all ,the bright future